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Mission Statement: We strive to provide a safe, loving environment where children can grow in independence and self-confidence and learn the value of teamwork. By using a Nature-based, emergent curriculum we foster respect for oneself, others, all living things, and the environment.


About Berardi Family Farm Childcare

Berardi Family Farm Childcare has been caring for children in the Georgetown area since 1993 on the land of the Pawtucket People.  Children learn through nature, and through hands-on activities, enhancing their innate desire for knowledge. 

Some things we do at BFFC

* Grow gardens from seed, tend to and eat from our gardens and exploring the plants through all seasons.

* Learn about the world through observing the patterns of Nature.

*Some cold weather activities include sledding, exploring frost, snow and ice, making colored ice blocks for building, identifying animal prints in the snow and caring for the birds by providing water sources and food.

*Some warm weather activities include running through the sprinkler, playing in and exploring mud season, tending the gardens, caring for the birds and bees by providing water, 

building forts and taking walks in the woods.

*Some everyday activities include feeding the horse, pony, goats and chickens. The children also love to observe the different birds who come to our feeders. Any activities that take place indoors can take place outdoors. We read, mark make, do crafting with various materials, build with various materials and enjoy imaginative play. A variety of loose parts are always at hand for exploration. Provocations are added to the environment for exploration and experimentation. 

*We focus on Literacy, STEAM, self-help skills, self-confidence and teamwork using Nature as our guide. 


About Anne Berardi

Anne is the originator and caretaker of Berardi Family Farm Childcare. She has lived in Georgetown for 36 years, and started the daycare in 1993 in order to be able to stay home with her boys, Joe and Daniel. 


Anne's love for the Earth and Nature has translated to her teaching children using hands-on experiences, following their leads and interests.


Horses have always been a part of Anne's heart, as she started riding when she was 9 years old and has enjoyed it ever since. Her experience includes work on farms and as an apprentice riding instructor at 21 years old. 

Anne volunteers as a horse handler at Windrush Farm therapeutic riding center. She became a certified Forest and Nature school educator in 2021 and completed the Harvard certificate program for Early Education Leaders in 2023.  She is on the subcommittee of the Park and Recreation Committee to improve the accessibility and inclusivity of the American Legion Park in Georgetown. 

She loves to garden, travel, attend live theatre locally and in New York, camp, spend time with her adult sons and listen to them play music! She is also a lifelong learner always looking for opportunities to stay up to date with current research on Childrens' health and development as well as environmental issues.

Anne loves the animals and teaching the children how to take care of them! Meet them below.


Meet the Animals

of Berardi Family Farm

In memory of Persia




Hocus and Persia cover pic 2020 yearbook_edited.jpg
Hocus and Persia cover pic 2020 yearbook_edited.jpg
Holly pony.jpg



Patience, Nine and Tutu

Buttercup & Bodie


Certifications and Memberships

Licensed by EEC since 1993

CPR/First Aid Certified

Recipient of a Saul Zaentz grant for innovators in early education.

Certificate for Early Education Leaders program through Harvard University Certificate in Early Education Leadership (CEEL) (

Certified Nature Explore Classroom (one of about 500 in the country) What are Certified Nature Explore Classrooms? - Nature Explore Program

Certified Forest and Nature School Educator through ERAFANS Eastern Region Association of Forest and Nature Schools - Home (

Certified Schoolyard Habitat by National Wildlife Federation At Schools (

Certified Eco-Healthy Childcare by Children's Envionmental Health Network Eco-Healthy Child Care® (EHCC) – Children's Environmental Health Network (

Horse Handler for Windrush Farm Therapeutic Riding Center  Windrush Farm - We are all capable of more than we think

Member of:

*Farm Bureau


*Natural Start Alliance 

*Outdoor Classrooms

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